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We have combined modern technology and traditional security methods to provide our customers with high quality security services. We use a state of the art GPS SmartScan Technology System® whereby active tags will be placed at our client’s premises, each time our asset protection officers patrols they will scan your unique tag point, these also ensures that patrols are carried out effectively and efficiently and allow our clients to view patrols in ‘ real time ’ and any reported incidents instantly. All our patrol vehicles are tracked by 

” Quality through Technology ” with help from our technology partners


We recognize the value of people, physical assets, information and systems that are crucial to any Business/Organisation to undertake its business and the necessity to protect them. Our core aim is to protect your assets and avoid any disruption to your business or Organisation.
Having a full time guard on your business/premises is an extremely expensive and unsustainable way to protect your Business/property. Namib Property Patrols Ltd has a host of flexible security packages options that can help meet both your property insurance requirements and budget. We will also issue you a certificate of authenticity to present to your insurance company.

Mobile Security Patrols24/7

Whilst a guard on-site all day every day is the ideal solution for some vacant properties, it is not always financially feasible.

Commercial Property Patrols

With us you’ll have the confidence of knowing your facility is secure. We can help you select from a wide range of patrol packages.

Residential Property Patrols

home is one of the most important investments you can have. We’ll protect your home while you’re away by patrolling your house and the nearby neighbourhood.

  • Mobile security patrols24/7
  • Vacant property inspections and patrols
  • Home protection/patrols ” whilst away on holiday or business”
  • Alarm response & Key holding ResponseRed 10-15 minutes maximum
  • Lone worker care, staff escorts/accompanied visits during alarm call outs
  • Patrols of critically important infrastructures
  • Lock & unlock visits


Named after the oldest desert in the world ” The Namib ” meaning a place with nothing. We are a professional property and asset protection company founded and based in Bicester Oxfordshire. Our company was set up to patrol vacant properties both commercial, Industrial and residential especially during out of hours, for business establishments which are considered vulnerable times but most importantly make a positive small difference in the security industry and provide good quality services , be customer focused and driven.
The level of burglary and vandalism was on the increase according to Thames Valley Police therefore we wanted to address this issue by providing a 24/7 cost effective round the clock property patrol services.

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