What we do:

  • Mobile security patrols24/7
  • Vacant property inspections and patrols
  • Alarm response & Key holding ResponseRed 15-30 minutes maximum
  • Lone worker care, staff escorts/accompanied visits during alarm call outs
  • Patrols of critically important infrastructures
  • Lock & unlock visits

All patrols and inspections are conducted by our professional uniformed SIA Licensed officers in accordance with BS 7858, BS 7499 and fully vetted officers giving us an edge over our competitors. Our patrols are designed to confuse would be criminals as we patrol randomly making it impossible to work out our patrol patterns.

Mobile Security Patrols24/7

Are you worried about trespassers and thieves? Our SIA licensed patrol officers are always on-hand to detect, deter and protect your assets.

There are many benefits that Mobile Patrol Offers:

  • Act as a visual and physical deterrent, professional uniformed mobile patrol officers in marked security vehicles.
  • Mobile patrol officers  look out for fire, floods and other threats and also keep an eye on your assets.
  • Every time your premises are visited the officer also scan a unique tag point as proof of service delivery.

Mobile Patrols are ideal for clients who have to leave their premises unoccupied overnight and during weekends. Randomly or continually timed patrols All recorded in ‘ real time ’ for our clients. All our officers are equipped with body worn Camera’s

Mobile Patrols Audit Trail Our mobile patrol officers will randomly check your premises to ensure maximum protection. After each inspection, an audit trail report detailing who carried out the inspection at what time is available live on the internet for you to access.

Commercial Property Patrols

With us you’ll have the confidence of knowing your facility is secure. We can help you select from a wide range of patrol packages based on your needs and your budget. Our mobile patrol vehicle’s is available seven days a week, including holidays. An SIA vetted mobile patrol officer can visit your business multiple times day/night to ensure the integrity of your business. During external and interior patrols of your facility, officers will check for general safety and security hazards.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

We patrols important infrastructures that could be targeted for various reasons due to nature of business or activities but are fundamental and can have devastating consequences if they are sabotaged.

Vacant Property Inspections/Patrols

Leaving a vacant property unattended can leave a site at risk for illegal occupancy, theft, vandalism, utility failure, pest and rodent infestation. It is now mandatory that vacant properties inspections are carried out to ensure the buildings comply with Insurance regulations. Vacant properties may be seen as easy targets by thieves, vandals, arsonists, squatters or youths. We can help you secure your vacant property and avoid expensive clean up bills.

We will check the following:
  • Checking of all access points doors & windows
  • Water leaks and Damage
  • Check for fire and electrical hazards
  • Check general condition of interior and exterior
  • Look for evidence of Vandalism or Graffiti
  • Do meter readings to see if there are any inconsistencies

Industrial Property Patrols

Your Business is one of the most important investments you can have. We’ll protect your assets while you’re away by patrolling around your premises at random times. Multiple visits are made day and night to help ensure the safety and integrity of your Business.
With our Patrols we guarantee you a peace of mind, we perform additional services tailored to your needs. While performing patrols, our Officers can carry out various tasks too. We will ensure that your property does not get targeted by burglars or squatters which have become a common problem in most parts of the country.

Vandalism/Arson and squatting are among the biggest concerns for vacant property managers in England & Wales.

Alarm Response

How many nights or weekends have you been called to your facility because of an alarm, only to find it was false? Law enforcement now charges for false alarms. Namib Property Patrol’s alarm response service will respond to your alarms in a cost-effective way. When your call comes to us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, a Namib Property Patrol officer will be dispatched to your facility immediately ResponseRed 15-20 minutes or ResponseBlack 20-30 minutes Depending on traffic There are many benefits to having our alarm response package such as:

  • Not Being disturbed at inconvenient times
  • Not putting yourself or staff at risk
  • Not risking the chance of driving while under the influence of alcohol due to an alarm response call
  • Avoiding liability claims from staff if they are injured or attacked while on alarm response call outs (The Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act 2007)
  • Our staff are local to your business giving you the benefit of quicker response times to call outs on average in about 10 minutes
  • No call out fees, Fixed yearly rate

If forced entry is evident, the Police will be notified immediately. If an onsite employee accidentally triggers the alarm, the officer will verify the employee’s identity and follow your specific security procedures and instructions. If your system malfunctions, the patrol officer can reset it or call your repair technician, whichever you prefer. You can be assured of fast, efficient, and reliable security for your facility.

Key holding

We will keep your keys in our vault should the alarm activation go off we will attend to your property conduct a full examination as for the cause of activation (All keys are kept unmarked for security reasons) A full patrol both internal and external patrol shall be carried out to see if there is any suspicious activities that might have triggered the activation.

Advantages of using us as your nominated security Keyholder

  • There is no need to organise keyholders within your business
  • Staff do not put themselves at personal risk
  • Employer does not become liable to liability claims resulting from serious incidents
  • You protect your staff and business from unnecessary risks and inconvenience day & night.
  • Employers exercise and demonstrate a duty of care to your staff
  • Only professional, fully trained staff attend activation’s
  • No call out fees, Fixed yearly rate

We operate in accordance with BS7984 requirement

Lone worker care & Staff escort

it is now a legal requirement that lone workers must be protected .Our patrol officers will ensure the safety of your employees and make sure as an employer you are not liable should they become injured. We will also provide security escorts for staff their Vehicles during late periods, remote locations, during shutdowns at and when staff attending alarm activations.

It’s estimated that over 160 attacks take place on lone workers every day!

Benefits include:

  • Protection of your lone workers from potential harm, serious injury or life-threatening incidents.
  • On demand call service when needed & ResponseRed 15-30 minutes response time
  • Improves lone worker morale
  • Reduces time off work due to incident related illness/convalescence
  • Helps employers fulfill their Duty of Care to employees
  • Protects your organisation from ruinous litigation
  • Upholds your organisation’s reputation (which can be seriously damaged in legal proceedings, even if found not guilty)
  • Fast, cost effective backup for people at risk in the private sector and public sector

Lock and Unlock

Most staff are most vulnerable to attacks during lock ups or unlocks. Our officers will be at the premises to unlock or lockup as to agreed times and will conduct a thorough patrol of the premises and ensuring that all lights and other equipment’s are turned off and that the alarm is set effectively. A checklist will be completed upon every visit.

Benefits of Lock & Unlock Service

  • Your staff can finish work at their usual times
  • Your premises will be fully locked down over night once late workers and cleaners have left
  • Your premises will be opened and ready for you before everyone arrives
  • We check for unsecure windows, doors, fire exits as well as any signs of leaks and hazards
  • This service provides a visual deterrent for any potential intruders and vandals

Accompanied visit during alarms Activations

We will also accompany staff during alarm activation to minimize the risk of staff and as per lone worker regulation and policy (Lone worker act) if forced entry is evident, the Police will be notified immediately. We will ensure that your premises are protected and investigate the cause of the activation.

Sentencing Council guidelines states that a Corporate Manslaughter
fine should be at least £500,000

1. Call 01869 327509 or email us at info@namibpropertypatrols.co.uk  and we will get back to you and discuss your requirements.

2. We will provide you with a free quotation & risk assessment with a no obligation based on your requirements.

3. Our qualified, certified in-house security consultant will visit your premises and devise a bespoke package to meet your needs.

4. Should you wish to proceed our process is simple and is designed to minimise time wasting and stress for our clients.

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