Our exclusive patrol packages are specifically designed for our customers but can be re-adjusted as to our customer’s demands/requirements….


Minimum 12 months contract required for platinum & gold pack

“All patrols are randomly timed” include a free risk assessment of premises

Home Patrols/Protection

   “Protect your most precious possessions”

  • Your home is the most important investment not to mention sentimental value items/contents which are all worth protecting
  • alarm response24/7 ResponseRed 10-15 minutes, response based on distance
  • Patrols days and nights
  • Patrol and check all your property thoroughly While your away on holiday or business
  • Observe your property after every patrol
  • Check for signs of Water damage
  • Perform other tasks as required by client i.e. mail collection etcetera
  • We will work with the local police and insurance company in the event should something happens
  • 1x Temporary tag point to be installed at your property and Patrol report at the end of agreed patrols duration
  • Smart Scan Technology System®
  • Temporary warning signs Optional
  • Police call out in case of break-in
  • StingrayNiteProtection®

We will patrol and inspect all access points of your home including doors, windows and all round your premises for any signs of damage or evidence of vandalism and squatting. Can also partner with your alarm providing company to act as your response as major alarm companies  rely on the police and due to budget cuts it is almost impossible for the police to respond or attend burglaries.

Why not nominate us as your local key holder (60 per cent of people ignore burglar alarmsRemember!

“When you go on holiday burglars go to work” Protect your Family and Assets.

ACCREDITATIONS | SIA licensed staff


All of our patrol officers are SIA licensed, fully trained, insured and abide by the terms and conditions of the security industry act 2001. It is a criminal offence to undertake licensable activities of a patrol officer without an SIA license.

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